Store Fixture Layouts – Easy As Child’s Play?

Many of the things that inspire me these days come from our five year old daughter, Kayla. It amazes me to watch how her mind works. I love to hear what she is thinking when she is in the midst of making a plan. The way her mind works often leaves me with a sense of amazement and awe.

While I was thinking about this article I began to consider what someone who just decided to open a retail business might need to know to get started. I know people who would gladly help someone get started, and I thought about what they would say. I also thought of my daughter who inspires me. I glanced over at the shelf where my Mother’s Day gift sat, and finally my fingers began typing the words on this page. 


I learned after receiving my gift that Kayla went through a planning process to achieve the result she was looking for. It seemed to me that the steps she took were good steps to take when planning your retail store layout.


FIRST…Kayla had a plan. She thought of something I liked and planned the gift she wanted to give me. Once she had the gift in mind, she drew it out on paper.  I happen to collect M&M dispensers. I don’t know why, I just think they’re whimsical and colorful and I collect them. Kayla decided to make an M&M dispenser for me.

If you are at the planning stages of your store fixture layout, why not draw it out on paper? Think about your space and your customers’ needs and visualize how you would like your store to look. This will give you an idea of how many store shelving units you can fit in your space, and how to arrange them. Try to create a floor plan that will encourage visitors to walk through the entire space and continue browsing. Your layout, if done properly, can increase your sales. Kalamazoo Store fixtures as well as many other store fixture websites can offer store layout examples and more detailed information on setting up your store fixtures.

SECOND…Kayla gathered the supplies she needed. In this case, she found things we had around the house.

Store fixtures can be as simple as a table or as sophisticated as custom built shelving or a beautifully restored antique piece. If you are on a budget, used store fixtures are a good place to start because you can get your store shelving for 40-60% less than what it costs new.

THIRD…Once she had everything she needed for her project, Kayla recruited some help. Her Dad was there to assist her with direction if needed and to do the things she couldn’t do by herself. (Like cutting holes in a plastic bottle!)

Whether you need help planning your layout, figuring out which store shelving units to buy, or need to know how to assemble your store shelving units it’s important to find people like my friends at Kalamazoo Store Fixtures who have the knowledge and desire to make your business a successful one.

If you can:

  • visualize your completed space
  • put your plan on paper
  • gather your supplies (or purchase them)
  • and get the help you need

…You will see your dream become a reality and your business become a success. 

                                     It really can be as easy as child’s play!

Post time: 07-07-2017