Store Fixtures

As the retail store industry has developed, visual merchandising and product display has become a major concern of business owners. As a result, store fixtures of every variety have been produced to maximize the exposure of products on the sales floor. Today, retail stores carry everything from clothes, to toys, electronics, to kitchen accessories. It is important for a sales manager to have the tools necessary for displaying these varieties of items in the most effective way.

Some of the many store fixtures commonly used today are gridwall fixtures, clothing store fixtures (such as hangers, racks, and mannequins), display cases, shopping bags, jewelry displays, slatwall fixtures, and good old fashioned shelves. Gridwall and slatwall fixtures serve a similar purpose by providing display space along the walls of a retail store. Slatwalls use grooves and pieces of hardware, while gridwalls have a grid system that can be interlocked with different display hardware. Hooks, shelves, baskets, and literature holders are just a few of the many accessories that can be added to these displays to produce a more vertical and less space consuming display.

Hangers are a major part of clothing display. There are so many types of hangers and hanger accessories that can accommodate any retail clothing environment. It is important to not only match the store environment with clothing hangers, but also to choose the right hangers for the style and preservation of the clothes for sale. Some of the materials hangers are produced from today are wood, metal, plastic, and fiberglass. Mannequins are also a very important player in clothing display. Ranging from full-length life-size portrayals to torsos and hanging forms, they bring the clothes to life by giving them a human shape and helping the customer imagine their true appearance.

Display cases are important for both display and security of precious products. They can be framed with several different metals or wood and can be full vision, half vision, open cases, register stands, countertop, oaken, pedestal, portable, or custom. Within these varieties of displays are also a variety of display options for bracelets, rings, chains, watches, or necklaces, and these come in materials such as metal, wood, velvet, or acrylic.

Though many do not think of shopping bags as store fixtures, they are possibly one of the most important. Craft bags, tinted bags, shopping baskets, carts, and holiday bags are all used to make the shopping experience a little easier. Think of what shopping would be like without bags.

Store fixtures give retail stores shape and personality organizing and displaying products in the most effective and enjoyable way possible. It is important to consider store fixtures of every product in a store. Although this may seem to get expensive, the profits they will produce and help they will bring to managers and employees will far outweigh the cost.

Post time: 10-15-2017