Store Layout

Store layout is the floor layout of the retail shop. It is the retail shop design. Retailers should consider few aspects while designing their stores.

The first aspect is the layout should be such that it lures customers to shop more than they had intended to by taking full trip around the store. And also the retailers must provide variety of merchandise. The second aspect is effect use of space usage. Retailers must take advantage of the width and depth of the store and also the height, by using large racks that carry reachable inventory at lower levels.

The general types of store layout design are grid, racetrack and free-form.

Grid layout is the most organized layout among the three. In this kind of layout the counters and fixtures are placed at long rows. The advantages are it is cost effective, customer familiarity, ease of cleaning. Its main disadvantage is that it is plain and boring.

Racetrack layout is a type of layout where customer aisle begins at the entrance and loops through the store. The main objective is to provide maximum exposure of merchandise to the customers.

Free-form layout is a type of layout where the fixtures and aisles are arranged asymmetrically. Since the customers are not naturally drawn to this kind of layout, the retailers need to create a pleasant atmosphere to attract customers. It can be in form of expensive fixtures and create the right ambiance by having the right kind of flooring and lighting which compliments the merchandise.

Thus the store layout must be designed by keeping, the target customers and their convenience, in mind. Or in other words retailers need to work on the image they want to portray to customers and what kind of customers they are targeting on, and design their stores accordingly.

Post time: 07-07-2017