Storeowners – Make Your Job Easier With Candy Filled Display Racks

If you’ve been in the retail business for any significant amount of time, it probably comes as no surprise to you that candy is a big selling item for more than just convenience stores. Various kinds of businesses – from gas stations and grocery stores to gift shops and movie rental stores – sell candy.

If you’re in the retail business but not yet selling candy in your store, or you’re getting ready to open a store and need a little help getting stocked, consider purchasing a few candy filled display racks. From popular and novelty candy like Junior Mints, Whoppers, Air Heads, and Ring Pops, Bottle Pops, and Wax Bottles to gourmet types of candy like chocolate truffles, these pre-filled racks are available in a wide enough variety of candy to ensure you please every customer!

Types of Candy

You can find display racks already filled with a wide assortment of candy! Consider pre-filled candy display racks filled with:

  • Common popular candy items like Pixie Sticks, Jolly Ranchers, Fun Dip, and Pez.
  • Novelty candy items like Ring Pops, Push Pops, Bottle Pops, and Wax Bottles.
  • Gourmet candy like chocolate truffles.

Of course, the kind of candy you choose should reflect your usual customers’ tastes. If your customer base is made up mostly of families with children, you’ll probably do better with popular and novelty candy. However, if your customer base includes a more mature crowd, or is in the business of selling upscale items, try out chocolate truffle filled racks.

Location, Location, Location!

Candy filled display racks are available in an assortment of convenient designs, so it won’t be difficult to find one that best fits where in your store you want to place it.

As you determine the best locations for your candy filled display racks, think about the size of your store. Do you have limited space to work with? If so, you might want to use pre-filled candy displays small enough for your store’s countertops. Do you have a bit more legroom? You might want to consider tall, floor displays to situate close to your register, near your entryway, and throughout the aisles.

Also think about the areas in your store that experience a lot of traffic. For example, if you manage a movie rental business and want to include a pre-filled candy display rack in your store’s aisle, it might make more sense to situate it near the section of new movie releases than near the section of foreign language documentaries. Chances are, more people are checking out the new movie releases.

On the other hand, if you manage a gift shop, you’ll want to be careful to not to place your candy filled display near any areas with fragile items on displace – especially if those areas are high traffic areas. While it’s important to situate your merchandise in places where customers can see it, it’s more important to make sure you aren’t inconveniencing your customers or endangering any of the rest of your merchandise.

Post time: 05-15-2017