Supriya Menon | Lake Bay Apartments | Begur Lake

.This amazing villa is in begur and it’s beautifully situated near the begur lake and that’s why it is called lake bay.

Client’s name- Supriya menon
Designer- Keerthi
Project manager- Murali
Villa name-Lake bay
Location- Begur
Duration- 1.5 months
Budget – 10 lakhs

#foyer area designs in lakebay- In the foyer area is a shoe rack that has an extended skirting with a background of a wallpaper with a texture of stone cladding.

#Tv unit designs in apartments in bangalore- It has got a rafter with spotlights.
The TV unit of the living area has drawers and open cabinets as a part of the bottom cabinets. The panelling is offset to show the wall like borders. On top are open shelves with glass shutters to display artefacts.

#partition – There is a bamboo partition to separate the staircase from the living area.

#guestbedroom designs- Wardrobe of the guest bedroom is worked out in yellow and grey colour combination. TV unit of this room has four drawers and wood and glass ledges as a part of the bottom cabinets.

#Dining area designs – The crockery unit has a pebble tray that is lit, Bottom cabinets with shutters and drawers above it, a frame-less mirror and overhead cabinets above it.

#Kitchen – Kitchen here, has an L-Shaped counter. Laminates used here are blackberry and white. Tandem boxes, cutlery set, dustbin and detergent holder are the accessories used here.

#study unit- The landing has been converted to a study or a reading area with a seater and a table. The space has been very well utilised.

#Kids bedroom- Red and white is the kid’s bedroom. A study table with bottom and overhead storage, a slider wardrobe are the furniture in the room.

#Master bedroom- it has a black and white theme. There is a slider wardrobe, a TV unit, a wide dresser with drawers as bottom cabinets, Wide pigeon holes for the artefacts or cosmetics and a king-size bed with side tables and headboard are the wood work done in this room.

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Post time: 09-13-2017