Taiwan’s ITRI displays winning piece from Singapore 3D jewelry printing competition

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute displayed a gold-plated hairpin today that took top prize at the Singapore International Jewelry 3D Printing Competition, held in May. The jury said the design was nearly up to international jewelry house standards. This orchid-shaped hairpin is decorative and functional. It can serve as a hair adornment, and when different sections are twisted open, it forms a bracelet.Chen Chian-fanITRI Staff It’s really convenient because, depending on the situation, you can choose if you want to wear it on your wrist or put it in your hair.Adding essential oils to this jewelry causes it to give off a fragrance when worn on the wrist or in the hair.The design was created using a 3D printer with titanium and gold powder. A computer program directed lasers

Post time: 05-04-2017