Take Advantage of Floor Space With Optical Display Cabinets

If you are searching for a unique and effective way to show off your eyewear products to your customers, then look no further. Optical display cabinets are one of the most customizable solutions to a promotional problem such as this. If you often find yourself having trouble managing your inventory as seasons and fashion trends change, then a modular display is the right fit for your business.

Say summer is coming around, and you are preparing for sunglass sales to increase dramatically. After stocking up on all of the newest models, you realize that there is not enough space on your wall racks to promote the entire selection. An often overlooked option is the use of your floor space as a promotional strategy instead of just for seating and service counters. With customized optical display cabinets, you have the ability to increase your promotional capacity through a variety of options.

First of all, how many separate display units will you require? This depends on the amount of free space you have. It also depends on how your displays will best be positioned as customers enter without being an obstacle to foot traffic. Next, the sizes of your optical display cabinets are a very important consideration.

You want your unit to be large enough to hold your desired selection, but not so large that it obscures the view of other parts of your store. In tandem with size is the number of individual frame holders for your product. Cramming too many products into the same cabinet will only prove to confuse and frustrate your customers, while too few will make your selection look sparse.

Besides shape, size and capacity customization, optical display cabinets can be designed to show off your business. Manufacturers will work with you to create colorful and vibrant display themes that comply with your color scheme and logo as well as attract the eye of your customer.

If security is a concern for some of your high-end products, there are many different options for including a locking feature in your display. This is a great way to let customers view these products while giving you the peace of mind that they will not be damaged or stolen.

If all of these factors are combined properly, a customer will be impressed by your selection and remember who supplied them with such ease of use: your company. The next time the summer sunglass rush comes in, you will be prepared with a wonderful atmosphere provided by optical display cabinets that promote your top-line products.

Post time: 06-02-2017