The Advantages of Using Slatwall Panels for Merchandise Displays

Slatwall has remained one of the most recognized merchandise displays systems for a long time. Slatwall panels can be used for numerous reasons, are flexible, easy to maintain and an inexpensive alternative for little and big businesses equally.

Merchants use slatwall panels to display many types of items; anything from wedding gowns all the way to items such and nuts & bolts. After a business installs the panels, you could choose to put hooks on them, shelving, hang rods or additional kinds of display fixtures. The expense of the mechanism is a cost-effective method for merchants to display products and amount a company pays for the slatwall panels can be counterbalanced by the additional revenue from products that a business is able to display and sell after installing the panels.

Slatwall is an excellent method for utilizing small areas, which is one reason why they are so recognized and preferred in stores that need to display attractive products and make good use of every inch of the store. The panels come in a vast array of shades and surfaces to blend in with any existing interior design and colors of the retail shop. It is additionally excellent for making good use of areas that are perpendicular shaped. Such areas a business owner might not use otherwise, because most kinds of panels and shelves will not fit into those areas.

Many shop owners find it difficult to get their products up into higher locations within the store; therefore, slatwall panels allow store owners to display many more items and put them higher if they need to. Customers can effortlessly see all of your products. Even if the consumers are window-shopping, they will be able to see every item displayed from outside too. If you choose to hand apparel and additional products flush with walls, consumers can get a better picture of how every piece of clothing looks and they will not need to dig through packed racks of attire.

Exhibiting your line of apparel and additional products on slatwall panels assists you with keeping a neat and organized store as well. With other kinds of display options, consumers usually need to take clothing or other items off racks or hangers, unfold them and when they are done viewing the items, they put them back as neatly as possible, but the racks and other display areas would not look neat and tidy anymore, unlike slatwall panels.

An additional advantage of using these kinds of display panels for your retail shop is that it helps control inventory better. If you display products on walls, for example, rather than displaying them in one crammed area, which leaves the store looking messy and does not permit sufficient shopping space for customers, you alleviate the possibility of thefts and are better able to watch the inventory flow for your business. Consumers need to approach a sales person if they want a specific size, for instance; therefore, that cuts down on the chances that you will encounter shoplifting activities too. When you can keep track of all products you sell or display, by using slatwall panels, for example, you will not need to worry about theft and will manage your business easier.

In addition to the advantages mentioned already, if you use shelving options that allow you additional space within the shop, you would be able to display even more products too. You could also consider placing a mannequin or two in the store somewhere, to display an outfit or two, because you will have more space for that as well.

Slatwall panel alternatives are used for retail shop renovations, or for new stores that need to revamp. When these 4×8 foot panels are set up in the store, they can hold clothing and other products, anything a store owner wishes to place on display and so forth.

A great slatwall dealer additionally provides a vast array of fixtures, accessories and attachments that go through slots, which in turn hold the actual retail items.

You, your shoppers and your staff will all welcome the tidiness of using slatwall panel displays. They help you save space and use extra space, permit you to add even more products within the shop, and they help you save money in numerous diverse ways. They are extremely flexible, so you can modify them whenever you need to, merely by adjusting the hooks, shelves or rod and moving the display to an entirely new area of the store, if you wanted to. Setting up displays, keeping track of inventory and having a tidy and organized store has never been easier than it is now with slatwall panels.

Post time: 08-18-2017