The ancient art of making glass beads

(14 Mar 2010)
AP Television
Venice, Italy, 5 February 2010
1. Wide of interior of glass-manufacturing laboratory
2. Close of molten glass being wrapped around metal rod
3. Close of face of bead worker
4. Mid of bead worker placing tiles on molten glass
5. Close of bead heated in flame
6. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Giuliana Rioda, Perlera (bead worker):
“It takes a lot of manual skill at an artistic level, in the sense that one needs to develop an eye for the dimensions and for what the bead will have to look like in the end.”
7. Close of bead being heated by flame
8. Close of hot bead being squeezed into round shape
9. Close of bead being cooled by cold air stream
10. Close of finished bead
11. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Giuliana Rioda, Perlera (bead worker):
“You can”t stand up and walk, you don”t have this mobility, and so it becomes a hard job, a very sedentary job. I don”t think many people can enjoy sitting still for many hours. Naturally, if one enjoys the handcraft manual skills, one can find it satisfying.”
12. Mid tilt up of factory owner Gianni Moretti picking up glass rod
13. Wide tracking of Gianni Moretti taking rod across to be worked on
14. Mid of Marcello Moretti, Gianni”s son, cutting rod
15. Close of tiles coming out of cutting machine
16. Mid of Marcello Moretti pushing rod into cutter
17. Close of blade cutting glass
18. Mid of tiles falling into container
19. Mid of Gianni Moretti in factory museum showing the ”rosetta” beads, the first beads made by the factory in 1911
20. Mid of picture on wall showing African man wearing necklace with ”rosetta” beads
21. Close of ”rosetta” beads in picture
22. Close of original ”rosetta” beads on display in museum
23. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Gianni Moretti, Owner of Ercole Moretti & Bro glass works:
“They helped a lot the family budget. Women had a lot of children, and working from home they could take care of the stoves, look after their children, and work.”
24. Mid of glasswork on display
25. Close of detail of glass photo frame and bowl
26. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Gianni Moretti, Owner of Ercole Moretti & Bro glass works:
“They worked every day, except Monday, when the ”perlera” met with friends and collegues to drink an ”ombretta”, a small glass of wine, played lotto, and collected money in the ”cassa peota”, a form of private bank that at the end of the year would grant them extra revenue.”
27. Various of bead pendants on display
28. Close of beads
29. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Gianni Moretti, Owner of Ercole Moretti & Bro glass works:
“There are countries where these jobs cost a lot less. It is no mystery, they are places like India and China. They also have a long-standing tradition, because the Chinese may be small and all look the same to us (smiles), but they are brilliant. Their civilisation is older than ours. They could do extraordinary things 3000 years ago and so when they put themselves to the task they manage to do very successful things at minimal costs.”
30. Mid of window of Venetian glass shop with people stopping to look
31. Close of glass work on disply
32. Mid of Silvia Bacci, owner of glass shop ”66”, placing items in display cabinet
33. Close of glass beads
34. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Silvia Bacci, Owner of the glass shop “66″ in St Mark”s square:
“I think there are things that pertain to history and that live on through the century. Today we still go to Egypt and visit the pyramids and look at hieroglyphics. I think it”s the same for glass. For us it has an artistic value, and it should be safeguarded just as we do a monument, or a church, or some other thing.”
35. Close of glass clowns on display
36. Mid of sign of Murano glass trademark in front of glass clowns
38. Wide of Murano glass shop

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