The Difference Between Baseball Bat Display Racks and Baseball Bat Display Cases

Sports collectors have always taken great pride in displaying their collections for ease in viewing for themselves and anyone else who may be interested in seeing their amazing collection. It takes a lot of time and money to put together a nice collection that a lot of times can literally be viewed as an investment. As time goes on, the collection becomes more valuable as each of the items become more rare. Baseballs, jerseys and other uniform items are the easiest to display. The question is, how do you properly display a collectible baseball bat without putting your investment at risk of damage? Bats are an awkward shape to put on display.

The collector’s issue with this has been heard and there are now baseball bat racks and baseball bat display cases available to protect these odd shaped and valuable collectibles. Depending on the rarity of the bat, there are now a couple of different ways to display it.

Racks are smaller displays that the bat can do a vertical hang from or rest horizontally on the wall. These displays are great for multiple bats that will not risk damage from exposure to sunlight, handling and chemicals that are naturally floating around in the air. They allow the bats to be touched and admired close up. They can also be used to store bats that are still in use which make them multi-purpose and quite handy. They can be left in the rack in the off season and are ready to go the next time it is time to play ball.

For the more expensive baseball bats there are display cases. These cases are similar in construction in the ones that collectors use to protect their jersey collections. The bats are displayed on a black felt background and are protected from damage by the elements and the soiling that repeated handling can cause. These type of baseball bat display cases can even be purchased to hold both baseballs and baseball bats enabling the collector to display a complete collection in one case.

The display case has a hinged, UV protected glass door on the front that allows easy access for the collector to attend to the display inside. The UV glass is much better than regular, standard glass because it protects the collection inside from any fading or damage from light. They are gallery style display cases adding that professional looking touch to the display for a more visually appealing appearance.

The baseball bat collection can now join the jersey, baseball card and baseball collections out in the collector’s viewing area. A baseball display case or rack will add that professional touch and safely display your investment.

Post time: 04-24-2017