The Growing World of Custom Challenge Coins

When someone hears or reads the term “challenge coin” a clear picture can’t be formed because the term isn’t quite clear, most people think and assume that a coin is just a coin. These special type of coin has a sentimental or historic value which can’t be given to just any other object, they can be put on display to symbolize our connection to a particular event, they can also be worn as a necklace, be embedded in key chains, paperweights and even coffee mugs.

While the origins of the challenge coins are of much debate, most would concur with the fact that they emerged during the First World War. This collection tradition started in the United States Army Air Service. During this period they were many volunteers joining in the US Army. It has been said that one of the service lieutenants in charge ordered solid medallions to be made. The coins manufactured and given to soldiers were gold-plated with an engraving of the squadron’s insignia, each one had a great sentimental and patriotic value. The coins manufactured were given to each of the pilots in the squadron. One of the more humble pilots who had never owned anything so valuable decided to place this coin in a small leather pouch which he hung around is neck and carried with him at all times.

The most popular kinds of challenge coins are from the following united forces branches: navy challenge coins, marine corps , army , air force and police challenge coins. According to the branch each one is based on different designs, colors and shapes were given to represent the concepts they stand for.

These medallions are more precious than one can possibly imagine – normally they are very cheap and can be purchased for a few dollars, but they have a sentimental value is priceless. That’s why you must protect your military challenge coins by using a protective display case which allows everyone to contemplate it and at the same time protects it from scratches and other substances which can deteriorate the material they are made with.

Today, due to the many international conflicts, family members of those who are courageously fighting in the front lines to defend our rights from terrorists and such, have decided to wear and treasure these items because they represent the memories and hope of their sons and daughters who we all wish to see back home soon.

Post time: 05-05-2017