The Gun Cabinet Purchase: 5 Important Choices to Make Before Buying

Gun cabinets are a reasonably-priced alternative to gun safes, whether a furniture-quality display piece or a stout security cabinet. Though gun cabinets are no doubt less secure than gun safes, they can keep firearms out of the hands of young children and less-sophisticated or less-determined thieves while also allowing you to display your favorite pieces or enhance the atmosphere of a trophy room or den. Following are the important factors when shopping for gun cabinets:


This comes down to one of two choices: wood or steel. Think of form versus function. Are you looking for a display cabinet, or are you really looking for safe storage? Wood cabinets with glass doors are beautiful pieces of furniture, but any thief can simply break the glass and be off with your weapons. Like any other piece of wood furniture, you’ll have the option of cherry, oak, or pine. Steel, on the other hand, isn’t as nice-looking at wood, but steel gun cabinets are much more secure. There are also different brands to think about. The leading brands are American Furniture Classics and Stack-On gun cabinets.


Tell me, do you know a single gun owner with only one gun? Do you know any gun owners that aren’t thinking about the next piece in their collection? You may only have 10 or 12 guns now, but odds are your collection will grow in the coming years. When considering space, keep these future additions in mind. You might also want to choose a gun cabinet that has shelves and display areas for handguns and knives.


A determined thief with sufficient time will be able to break into a gun cabinet-or a gun safe for that matter. However, since over 90% of all home burglaries last from three to five minutes, most burglars can’t be that determined. So remember that a good electronic or combination lock will help keep your guns away from thieves and children.


There are both decorative features and functional ones as well. Some options are:

  • fire resistance rating
  • interior lighting
  • wall mounted design, which would be ideal for a handgun or pistol display case.

Storage Considerations

Separating your guns from your ammo will help prevent accidental injuries and deaths, especially to children. When buying a cabinet, you might want to think about purchasing a home safe in which to lock ammo and valuables. Some gun safety experts also recommend storing the bolt or slide separately from the rest of the gun.

These are the five important factors to consider when buying a gun cabinet. Once you’ve addressed these issues, it will be much easier to pick the right gun cabinet.

Post time: 03-23-2017