The Need for Gridwall Displays

For those retailers that provide a myriad of products, attractive and organized store displays may be difficult. This is especially true for electronic, hardware, and toy stores. The objects for sale in such retail environments come in so many shapes and sizes that displaying them is always a challenge. Each of the different types of products should have their own display device, but most retailers suppose this to be far too costly and not worth the expense. Perhaps the best display fixture to remedy this problem is the Gridwall.

Gridwall panels can be set up along display walls and used to display almost any type of product along with many other dissimilar product shapes.

For some retailers their profits depend upon diverse products. Gridwall displays can bring order to such a store by giving them an enormous amount of display flexibility. Gridwall accessories make this possible because of their multiple functions. The basic gridwall structure provides a frame to which various hangers and hooks can be attached in order to create everything from shelving to hat holders to clothing displays. Particular items such as display tools may also be fastened directly to the gridwall so the customer can view the item outside of the box while still secured.

Displaying certain items that work together or fall under similar categories is easy with gridwall display systems. For example, screws might be located next to the various screw-drivers that are for sale, or perhaps the electric wire can be hung next to the wire cutters.

In toy stores or collectible shops, items can be assorted by theme rather than by size and shape. Not only will these items be easier to find, but also customers are likely to pick up another item from the theme area that they are already looking in. Someone that is looking for a dolphin painting is likely to buy a dolphin figurine as well. This kind of thematic organization can be very helpful and made more possible with gridwall displays. Don’t waste time trying to sort things according to their physical display needs. Instead, use gridwall panels to display anything where it actually fits the category or theme of that section of the store.

Gridwall display systems have become increasing popular with all walks of retail. From the big chains to the tiny shops, they make display just a little bit simpler by keeping the options for organization open with the use many different accessories to choose from. Take a look around and see how effective they already are in retail store displays today.

Post time: 02-25-2017