The Salvadore Display Fridge: Showcase Your Pastries

If you have a bakery or a delicatessen, then you certainly have delicious pastries and sandwiches. Naturally, you’d have a need to display these tasty lunch treats to your customers so that it can entice them to make a purchase. A bakery has to display the pastries and sandwiches in a way that showcases them in the best light. The better the lighting the more delectable the contents look.

The Salvadore Display Fridge helps you to display your pastries and sandwiches in an attractive and effective manner. It is a wide display fridge that allows you to place many pastries and cold sandwiches inside. You can display a variety of options at one time, thus giving your customer an array of choices. You get three shelves, of which two are adjustable, on which to display the products. In terms of aesthetics, the unit itself is designed with a pleasant modern design and it has an illuminated shelf and base that showcases the products in the best light. The interior of the Salvadore Display Fridge is made with Grade 304 stainless steel which proves to be hygienic. The exterior part of the unit is made with tempered heated glass and a double glazed window which prevents condensation. When your customers touch the exterior glass of the display fridge, it will be warm to the touch and not as cold as the inside would be. This unit shows your customers that you take pride in your business and your products.

The Salvadore Display Fridge is exactly that, a fridge. So anything placed inside it will remain cold and retain its freshness. The temperature ranges from 2 to 8 degrees ambient temperature. For added convenience, this unit is manufactured with an automatic defrost function. The digital display and temperature control gives you complete control over these elements for better accuracy. This unit has castor wheels that make it easy to move, so you could place it in a visible location for your customers to view the pastries and sandwiches conveniently. Depending on the demand, you have the option to choose from three different sized units that offer a variety in capacity, namely 285 litres, 390 litres and 500 litres.

The Salvadore Display Fridge is the ideal way to display pastries and cold sandwiches. It will entice your customers and have them craving for more. Therefore, this catering equipment has many benefits for any bakery or delicatessen.

Post time: 09-27-2017