The Silver Dragon Jewelry Steam Cleaner

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The Silver Dragon produces a powerful, continuous jet of steam without the use of a boiler. Without a boiler, the Silver Dragon is smaller, lighter, and safer. This steam cleaner is the perfect design for any jeweler. An internal metal cylinder is heated. When the foot pedal is depressed, distilled water is pumped into the unit from an outside source (bottle or jug). As water enters the hot cylinder, it is vaporized producing up to 125psi of dry steam on demand.
Operates at a powerful 1400 watts
Produces dry steam that is ideal for cleaning jewelry (even while on displays)
It stores heat, NOT steam, making it safer to operate
Compact and portable: 13″D x 9″W x 10″H and weighs 22lbs
Rust-free 20ga stainless steel cabinet
Uses distilled water only
Hands-free solenoid foot control
Perfect for use in malls
One year manufacturer’s warranty
UL Listed
Made in the USA

Post time: 04-01-2017