The Swing Frame Advantage: An Introduction to Swing Frames

Swing frame: thousands of designers, architects and corporate buyers from all over North America are already familiar with this versatile, easy-to-use, fully-customizable display system that can be used in virtually any indoor environment, from national fast food chains to small mom-and-pop retailers, from financial institutions to military facilities.

As you make your decision to purchase a framing system for your business, institution, or home you may be wondering what sets this framing system apart from the other display frame options available on the market today. What makes Swing Frames unique?

Functional, Attractive Design

Swing frames have a streamlined, clean design that only looks simple. In fact, they rely on a patented system that keep the hinges and locking mechanisms concealed from view, so that all you see is a beautiful frame and, of course, your display.

Easy-to-Use and Cost-Effective

Swing frames swing open, so that updating your display is as simple as opening a door.

Ease of use is important, of course, but it can also save you money in the long run. Consider the alternative: many framing systems used in the business environment require you to dismantle them completely before you can change your display materials, which can take an hour or more for a single frame. Businesses that have several frames in multiple locations will in most cases have to pay someone to dismantle them and change the contents, which can mean a substantial commitment of time and money every time you have to change a poster, sign or other printed announcement.

With Swing frame’s swing-open frame door, you can change a display in minutes or less, not hours, saving you time and money.

Not Just Poster Display Frames: One system, Many Options

Swing frame refers to the patented hidden hinge and locking mechanisms that give these display fixtures their clean look, but not all swing frames are frames. These display fixtures can be adapted to a wide range of display boards and fixtures including:

  • Enclosed Bulletin Boards
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Menu Display Frames
  • Light Boxes
  • Floor Stands
  • Poster Cases
  • Letter Boards and Directories
  • Display Boards (dry erase, marker boards)

Once you have chosen the type of display fixture you need, you can decide where you want to place it. A wall mounted display fixture can be attached to any wall, while adding steel posts/stanchions gives you the freedom to place your fixture in any indoor space – no wall space needed. For fixtures placed in public areas, add a side lock to your display case. You can further customize your swing frame by adding lights or a personalized header.

The Swing Frame system is a versatile display fixture that can be adapted to meet the needs of most interior signage applications and projects.

Versatile Display Frames to Compliment Any Decor

Swing Frames come in a range of popular finishes and color options for many design possibilities. This system fits thousands of readily available custom metal and wood picture frame moldings, giving you freedom over how you want your fixture to look.

For more customization options, add a colorful backing or mat board. Display case interiors are available in several finishes or can be covered with fabric for added style and burst of color. Mat boards can also help create the exact look you want, and are available in hundreds of colors and textures.

All of these options provide you with a wide array of styles, colors, and finishes….more choices to help meet your interior design challenges.

Build and Preserve Your Brand with a Swing frame Display System

Building a brand identity is one of the most important challenges every company faces. Your display system should reflect and enhance the work you do every day to build your brand, which is why swing frames come in so many colors, styles and finishes.

The swing frame system works with you to enhance and protect your brand identity. Customize your Swing frame with your corporate colors. Add one or more mat boards in your company’s colors. Larger display fixtures can be customized by screen printing a border on the glass or acrylic window of your display case.

The Swing frame Advantage: Versatility, Simplicity, Customization

Whether you are a small start-up or a large national or international corporation, swing frames offer an affordable, customizable display solution. Looking for display frames that are attractive, easy to use, and compliment any decor? Consider using swing frames for your next interior design project.

Post time: 02-15-2017