Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping For Commercial Refrigeration

Traditional reach-in refrigerators and freezers are not the only applications commercial refrigeration companies offer. Whether for practical or novelty reasons, commercial refrigeration manufacturers offer different products to suit any user’s needs.

Maintain a Strong Base

They say the strongest relationships are those built on a strong foundation. Create a strong foundation with your chefs by giving them the tools they need, like a refrigerated chef base. Refrigerated chef bases are an undercounter refrigerator and worktable all in one. Better than a prep table, the chef base allows the user to have large food preparation equipment, like mixers, and refrigerated food ingredients all in the same place.

Chill Out

Making sure leftovers are not contaminated with harmful bacteria is no longer something to sweat about. Commercial blast chillers assure that leftovers reach a temperature below 40 ÚF before the food poses a threat to customers.

Walk On In

Why waste time figuring out how to rearrange your reach-in refrigerators to cram in more products when you can reduce the strain and triple your storage space with a walk-in refrigerator. Walk-in coolers have enough space to fit full-size storage shelves and any type of refrigerated product.

Got Milk Coolers?

The half-pint of milk is a staple to every school lunch program in the country. The only way to keep the milk properly chilled while being easily accessible for youngsters is by keeping the crates in a commercial milk cooler. Milk coolers use an air-curtain-style refrigeration system to make sure that the cartons on top are just as cold as those on bottom.

Prep for the Big Game

Whether making salads, sandwiches or pizzas, refrigerated prep tables keep all of the necessary food ingredients easily on hand. With a storage refrigerator below, a cold pan well on top and a full-length cutting board, prep tables are a must-have piece of commercial refrigeration for any restaurant.

Put the Goods on Display

No deli, bakery or meat counter is complete without a refrigerated display case. Refrigerated display cases feature a large glass window on their front so customers can easily see the products on display. The back of the case has sliding doors so workers can easily pull out a particular customer’s desired item.

Raise the Bar

Bar refrigeration is an area of commercial refrigeration essential to any restaurant bar, bar in a home or college dorm. Whether you are going for the cool, clean feel of stainless steel or the sleek appearance of black vinyl, commercial bar refrigeration provides the look and function to suit your needs.

Merchandising is Where the Real Money is Made

Whether a countertop or floor model, sliding door or open air, all refrigerated merchandisers do one thing, increase revenue by allowing customers to quickly select their own products. Refrigerated merchandisers can be used to display everything from wine bottles to prepared sandwiches to bouquets of flowers. Placing the merchandiser near your point of sale will help spur impulse buys.

Settle the Duel with a Dual

Having trouble deciding whether you need a freezer or refrigerator most? Why not try both? Dual temperature refrigeration units provide the best of both worlds, a refrigerator on one side, a freezer on the other and no worries in between. Save on energy costs with a Dutch-door model that allows you to only open half of the compartment at a time and keep that cold air from escaping.

Post time: 05-21-2017