Three Essential Lighting Fixtures Found In Most Lighting Stores

Proper lighting is essential to the interior design of any space and can make a room feel bright and cheerful, no matter how dark and gloomy it may be outside.

Lighting stores generally carry three types of lights: ambient, task, and accent. Adding new fixtures to your home can dramatically improve the mood and functionality of a room. Below are descriptions of the three different types of lighting fixtures and advice on how to use them.


Ambient lighting fixtures provide overall, uniform brightness throughout a room. This can be accomplished with ceiling-mounted fixtures, wall sconces, or floor lamps. Ambient lighting is the most basic way to brighten a space, and these fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. For areas requiring more intense illumination, consider the following two types of lights: task and accent.


These lights are used to make certain activities (tasks) easier, like reading, working in the kitchen, or applying makeup. Task lighting illuminates a small area, for increased visibility and is a great energy-saving option. These fixtures can utilize xenon, fluorescent or LED light sources. Lighting large areas is beyond the scope of task lighting.


These types of fixtures are used to draw attention to a specific area or item in the room. They are often placed above pieces of artwork; out in the yard, to illuminate a path; or on the inside of a cabinet. Accent lighting stores will carry both indoor and outdoor fixtures. If you have a lot of valuable art to display, or just need help with designing a kitchen or outdoor space, you may choose to work with a certified lighting specialist. They can help you create a professional lighting plan that incorporates form and function.

Piecing It All Together

When planning the design of a room in your home, you will likely want to start with ambient lighting, which provides uniform brightness in a space, and can be amended with other types of fixtures. If you are designing an office building, on the other hand, task lighting may prove to be more essential to the function of the space. For areas like hallways, or spaces where artwork is displayed, accent lighting may be the most helpful.

Again, layering these different types of lighting is the best way to create a functional and beautiful space. Visit lighting stores near you to find new fixtures and speak to experts who can advise you in your search.

Post time: 10-12-2017