Tips For Attention-Getting Grocery Store Displays

If you own a grocery store, you know that your job is to maximize profits by offering the food people want to eat. If you want people to patronize your store, you need to keep prices low and make the food as attractive as possible. An eye-catching grocery store display will do wonders for your bottom-line, and help customers enjoy their shopping experience at the same time.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you’re building a grocery store display.

  1. Fresh produce looks more appetizing when it’s displayed in wooden crates and bins. Chalk it up to our rural past, but there’s something about tomatoes, onions, and apples in a wooden crate that causes us to think it’s come in straight off the farm. Memories of summers at Grandma’s house; an autumn day spent on the porch, shucking corn with cousins; the taste of a hand-picked peach: wooden crates and bins speak of freshness. Wood display features will move your fruits and vegetables.
  2. Clear plastic shelves are a great place to display baked goods. If your store has its own bakery, you know it’s hard to keep the breads and sweets from going stale. Consider investing in some clear plastic shelves, the kind with hinged lids. Customers can see inside, without exposing products to air or germs. Display bagels, snack cakes, breads, even donuts. Make sure to include a box of waxed paper, some paper bags, and a pair of tongs, so customers can more easily access the goods they want.
  3. Bulk candy sells better when you put it in acrylic bins. The sight of peppermints, candy corn, caramels, and nougats in big acrylic bins will excite the children. Parents like them better than candy bars, because they can better control the portions their children get. Make sure to include some scoops and paper bags, maybe even a scale, if candy is sold by the pound.
  4. Plastic fish bowls are an ideal place to stock single-sized packets of medication. Or consider filling them with travel-sized toiletries, like small soaps, lotions, toothpastes, and deodorants. Either way, customers will appreciate having these things close at hand when they’re at the cash register. They’ll always know where to shop before business trips and vacations.
  5. Wire display racks look great at the end of any aisle. Customers immediately notice specials displayed on endcaps. In fact, they expect to find deals there. Whether your pushing bananas, a new brand of coffee, or bags of dog food, a nice wire display rack will draw attention and improve your bottom line.

Customers will notice if you take the time to build attractive and worthwhile grocery store displays. Consider all the ways you can draw attention to your products.

Post time: 07-11-2017