Tips For Cleaning Your Jewelry

A large handful of people make the mistake of cleaning their jewelry the wrong way by using improper practices that will actually damage your jewelry far more than it will clean it. When you clean jewelry, the safest way to do so is to just simply soak in warm soapy water. However, you don’t have to do this all the time. To keep your jewelry in good condition, all you have to do is wipe off excess makeup, sweat, and skin oils with a soft cloth after each wearing. A good thorough clean once in a while is recommended as well.

When you wish to slow down the tarnishing of sterling silver, keep the piece in a plastic Ziploc bag wrapped in jeweler’s tissue paper. Sterling silver is a soft metal and can easily be damaged by a fingernail or any rough pressure against its surface. Be careful when cleaning sterling silver. Any of the following methods work for cleaning sterling silver.

To remove fingerprints or dirt from your jewelry, mix a soapy water solution by adding mild soap to a half cup of water. Soak the piece for two to three minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water that does not contain any soap. You must then dry your jewelry completely before placing inside a plastic bag.

When your jewelry has become especially tarnished, polish it with a 100% cotton cloth and a good nonabrasive metal cleaner. After doing so, make sure you rinse your jewelry with non-soapy water and get rid of any remnants of cleaner that may be stuck between the clasps or gems of your jewelry.

Never use ammonia or toothpaste. Ammonia will eat away metals such as gold and silver because they are soft and cannot handle the strong toxin. They also damage the prongs holding your gems in place, which will cause you to lose your expensive gemstones. Toothpaste will damage the surface of metal and will have to be taken to a professional to be buffed and refinished. It will also damage the surface of soft stones such as amber and turquoise, causing the fine polish to be permanently spoiled.

Post time: 10-07-2017