Tips for Hosting a Clothes Swap Party

Many of us have heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to our wardrobe. “You wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time.”, which leaves us with an almighty large quantity of unworn wardrobe pieces.

What should we do with our unworn pieces? A solution might be to host a clothes swapping party, giving your unworn clothes a chance to be worn again.

The idea incorporates a bit of fun with friends and family, whilst getting rid of items from your wardrobe, at the same time obtaining new garments at zero cost. The concept promotes recycled fashion within a social event.

Here are some tips and advice on ways to host a clothes swapping party of your own:

* Find an appropriate venue.

Tracy hosted her party at her friend’s house. Other ideas might be to contact a local school, kindergarten, or childcare facility. Ask if they’d prepared to let you use one of their rooms in exchange for a perhaps small donation from each attendee, which would go toward fundraiser the facility. This would probably be easier to organize if you have a child, niece or nephew that attends any of the above. Alternatively, a local community hall, or center might help?

* Organise

So you’ve found a venue, when would be best to host your party? Week day evenings might be best, as weekends are usually too busy for some, 7/7.30pm suit most. Tracy’s idea of baking cakes is great, you could suggest to swapee’s to bring a plate, a cake, or a bottle of wine? Emphasis on the party of the clothes swap party! Do you have or can you borrow a portable clothing rack or two? Browsing garments on a clothing rack is certainly much easier than sifting through a pile on the floor.

* Invite

You have a venue, a date and time. Start emailing, calling, and SMS your friends and family, tell them to invite their friends too, and create an event on Facebook. If you feel confident, and are running the event as a fundraiser, you could print up a small flyer and pin it on supermarket, library, and local community noticeboards.

* On the night

Depending on your intended party size, on a clothes swapping party I once attended at a school, we were given tickets in exchange for the amount of clothing pieces we’d given to swap. We’d use our tickets as currency to pick out garments we’d like to take home. A similar set up is arranged with larger scale organized clothes swap events where instead of tickets, buttons are given as swapping currency.

*Left over clothing

There will always be leftover pieces, what should be done with them? The easiest option would be to drop off at your local thrift/charity store. Alternatively, the leftover garments could be sold on eBay or at a flea market as fundraising for a charity or center that was used to hold the event.

Have you hosted a clothes swap party before? Would you like to?

Have you been to a clothes swapping event? If so, how was it?

Post time: 03-01-2017