Tips For Using Slatwall

Slatwall is probably the best thing to ever happen in the world of retail fixtures. It saves retail store and boutique owners more time, money and space than any other type of fixture on the market. Making adjustments is easy. Adding inventory is a snap. Creating interesting displays that grab the attention of passing and shopping customers is easier than ever. Slatwall can even help you to have more control over shoplifting opportunities in your store or boutique. Here, we’ve compiled a few of the most popular ways to use a slatwall display system. Use these tips to create a better environment in your store.

1) Slatwall is known for its versatility. Want to add in those new designer jeans to your already stocked store? No problem! Simply move around the slatwall accessories so that your wall can accommodate new arrivals. Feel like it’s getting a little cramped? Not an issue when you have hanging bars that allow you to turn some of your merchandise vertical. Want to showcase something that is particularly interesting or profitable for you? It’s easy with hanging mannequin forms and room for accessories.

2) Besides being versatile, slatwall gives you a multitude of ways to display items. You can coordinate outfits and accessories all in one area. You don’t need to purchase multiple, space stealing garment racks for the floor if you can create an effective display on the wall. Accessories and multiple garments that would look good together can be displayed in one area. This will help people to get good ideas about how to mix and match while accessorizing.

3) Have you ever thought that more would sell if people could only see it? There are only so many things you can display in your front window. Slatwall panels can be mounted just about anywhere. You can get those hidden items out in the open by hanging them on the wall instead of crammed into a rack. Putting items up higher can draw a lot of attention. People that are simply passing by won’t be able to help seeing your showcase items. Plus, getting things up higher on the wall will help you to lessen the load on your sales floor, clearing the way for more elaborate displays there. Merchandise that is up high is less likely to be stolen because customers will have to ask an associate to get their size for them. Having more open floor space is also beneficial when you’re thinking about inventory control.

4) There are so many slatwall accessories that can be mixed and matched together, that you’ll never run out of ideas. Different lengths of perpendicular hanging bars will give your display wall texture while allowing you to control whether your racks look fully stocked or not. Changing seasons, accessories, or product focus is so easy when things can be moved around in a snap. Building display walls for t-shirts, shoes, electronics, or jewelry is so easy that you’ll be constantly inspired to create something new and exciting for your store.

Post time: 07-31-2017