Tips to Keep Your Showroom, Store Or Office In "Tip Top Shape"

My experience at with our store/showroom has definitely been a learning experience to say the least. We have customers that comment on how nice our showroom is, or how good it smells (when we light a candle). Hopefully, we can help you create the same experience our customers have while shopping here. Try these tips to keeping your customers coming back into your store.

1) When you own a store it is important to periodically walk the entire store during hours of operation. Because of our business during the day with walk-in customers, we will typically do a “walk through” early in the morning before the day begins. It is at this time that we straighten our merchandise, pick up the floor or rearrange items for the start of a new day.

2) Get rid of the clutter. Make sure that your showroom or store is well organized and kept clean. Remember your showroom is the first thing people see when they enter you store – it is their “first impression” of you. Perception is reality, you want your customer to think highly of you, even before they do business with you.

3) Smoking in your store or showroom is a definite “no no”. The other day I entered a “auto shop” and could barely see the other side of the room, the smoke was so thick. A turn off to me, yes…and to many others. As I got into my car, I could smell the odor on my clothes. Even with a restaurant, make sure your place of business is well vented. And, in this day and age…take the smokes out side, and do it on break. Professionalism is key here.

4) Don’t just pile the merchandise up. Create a pleasant display for your customers. For example; if you are selling clothing, put together an outfit for your customers. I love walking into an apparel store – and having the ideas right there in front of me. Whatever you are selling…put it together just right.

5) Restock empty shelves and peg hooks. You are losing sales whenever a peg hook or a space on a display shelf is left empty. If you need to move items around, or spread out a little, or even remove shelves so it doesn’t look bare, then do it.

6) Keep it fresh. Move your displays around, especially your windows. Sometimes, just by moving things around you customers may see something they didn’t see before. Dust and keep it clean and looking nice. No cob webs or flies in the window sills. Overall – you want your customer to have a pleasant experience in your showroom or store.

No matter what type of business you have, a showroom, store or gift shop, theses tips will help ensure that your customers enjoy shopping in your store…and it will bring them back too!

Post time: 02-22-2017