Top Five Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Shelves in North America

The great thing about stainless steel shelves is that they work in virtually any room of the home. In addition, based on the style of the shelves, kitchens could become more functional yet charming, laundry rooms would have a more efficient, strong, and durable solution for organizing laundry supplies, and even a child’s room would be enhanced with additional display or storage space.

With this material being nonporous, you would never worry about problems associated with wooden shelves such as wood rot, cracking, or splitting, making this a perfect solution for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where steam and moisture are a challenge and cleaning is a breeze.

It is important to shop around for the highest quality workmanship for shelving designs, which would mean along with the actual shelves, any hooks, racking solutions, and hanging features would also meet high standards. Although shelves made from this material are generally cost-efficient, it would also be wise to shop around to compare the cost of different manufacturers.

Keep in mind that shelves from leading manufacturers does not automatically mean you would pay an exorbitant of money. In fact, leaders in the industry, whether buying for residential or commercial use have sales throughout the year, which would allow you to buy a top rated product for a low cost.

For both stainless steel kitchen shelving and shelving designs for commercial use, such as a restaurant or store, we highly recommend you at least consider the following manufacturers. Each of these companies has worked hard to build a solid reputation for producing some of the finest shelving and organizational solutions on the market.

1. Stainless Steel Fabricators – Located in Venus, Texas, this manufacturer provides a wide range of steel products, especially solutions for food service. In addition to shelving solutions, the company makes tables, countertops, exhaust hoods, kitchen backsplash, wall panelling, trim, and more.

2. Industrial Depot, Inc. – This Georgia-based wholesaler is well known for creating unique shelving made from stainless steel, along with fasteners, hooks, screws, etc.

3. Nelson Industrial Inc – Working from Ontario Canada, this manufacturer is capable of creating stainless steel products in literally any style or design. This company manufactures rivet parts, cabinets, countertops, wall panels, ceiling tile, and much more, all being cost efficient solutions.

4. Fabricators, Inc. – Regardless of the application, this Ontario Canada manufacturing company has been a favourite for its unique designs. All products, whether furniture, panels, railings, countertops, cabinets, or stainless steel shelves are not just strong and durable, but also corrosion, water, and stain resistant.

5. Miscellaneous Sheet Metal, Inc. – Working out of Jacksonville, Florida, this sheet metal manufacturer provides a wide array of solutions for homes and businesses. In addition to outstanding material, the workmanship is unrivalled. Within the more than 10,000 of space, only the highest quality of stainless steel products is fabricated.

Post time: 05-08-2017