Types And Usage Of Platform Scales

In your teenage years, you may have just heard of one type of scale- the bathroom scale- or human weighing machine. These scales were not more than a mere weight watching device and their shape, size, and precision was just a matter of convenience. In professional or business life however, you are bound to see multiple types of scales according to usage. These include scales for: lab, medical, jewelry, counting for light masses as well as industrial use like floor, platform, truck, drum scales, barrel scales etc. to weigh the heaviest of industrial machinery, equipments and end product.

If you are an industrial manufacturer out to buy platform scales for your products you may wish to keep certain things in mind. Floor scales are based on some specific qualities to make sure they render you good service and your product fulfills the quality regulations when weighed on these scales. However, competition amongst manufacturers of these scales lets you choose the best at an affordable price.

The leading floor scale manufacturing companies are able to give you an exceptionally engineered product with all manufacturing essentials that help you in the future with product upkeep. It’s a big one time investment, so you don’t want to trim down depreciation to the minimum. All good floor scale manufacturers use LCD display instead of the mechanical one and a numeric keypad. The competitive manufacturers usually design the scales according to your requirements.

Platform scales, as the name suggests, are used on the platform to measure the weight of cargo. The requirements for these scales hence depends on the objects it weighs and revolve around platform size, according to how wide is the equipment, platform capacity to hold the maximum amount of weight, accuracy of reading and durability to give you a reliable service even with continuous usage in weighing heavy equipments.

Types of platform scales include Floor Mounted Platform, Pit Mounted Platform, Portable, Intrinsically Safe Platform, Bench Mounted Platform, Standalone Platform, and Mobile or Hazardous area Platform scales etc. The array of platform scales above is owing to its usage in a variety of industries. For example to weigh, blend and load different types of items like foodstuffs, detergents, medicines or household components. Low Capacity Platform scales may be used. For heavy duty equipments or products like those used in constructions or automotive, large scales are used, that are made of stainless steel to ensure sturdiness. A good example in this regard is the Swivel Castle Scale which easily handles the heaviest of cargo that goes up to 20,000 lbs. It is used to weigh cargo and other heavy objects with durability and precision. That is why it is built of a heavy tread plate, stainless steel junction box and 113 swivel casters with heavy cast steel.

The surface and internal machinery of the platform scales should be ordered to be made of steel or alloys. In other cases it should be galvanized with zinc particles so that it does not catch rust and you don’t have to worry about depreciation on your good investment.

Post time: 10-11-2017