Types Of Banner Stands

Banner stands are portable display units that carry eye catching graphics for the purpose they are for. They can be functional in different kinds of settings including exhibitions, retail outlets, conferences and even public buildings to deliver the desired messages. They are affordable and offer a cheap advertising channel for some businesses especially when holding sales and offers. They can be used for different purposes depending on what the company wants to put across to customers and potential customers.

Banner stands are portable, lightweight and affordable or budget friendly and they also convey the message efficiently. They are available in different styles, formats and sizes and you can therefore choose the most suitable stand for the business needs you have. Apart from using the right banner stand fabric and size as well as the graphics to be displayed, you need to select the best type of banner stand and there are several to choose from.


They are designed to roll out fast and easy so setting up is made easy. This type offers flexible transportation and convenience in setting up because you can retract your stand after you are done using it.

Cassette roller

Just like the name suggests the stands come with cassettes that contain the graphic messages and therefore offer you the ability to easily change between messages you want to display. You simply need to remove the cassette and replace with another to make a swift change.

L-banner stands

They are shaped like the letter L for floor support purposes. They can be clipped in place around the bottom part and at the top of their long sides to ensure they make minimal movements.

X-banner stands

They are designed to match the letter X and apart from being self-supporting, the banner stands offer you a total of four sides to display your messages on.


These use eyelets of snap rails fastenings to allow easy changing of graphics without any need to refit. They have a tension pole frame that is stable and heavy duty but flexible at the same time for transportation is made easy.

Rigid pole

They have rigid pole frames for sturdiness and heavy duty use. They are great for trade show displays and they make it possible for you to adjust that height to match your individual display needs.

Banner stand displays stand high in graphics so they are visible from a distance and are easy to transport and assemble. Pop up display stands can be great in advertising your business of even a charity. Remember that banner stands vary in prices, functionality and size and you ought to be diligent to make the right choice. Remember waterproofing qualities especially when using the stands outdoors. It is also important to make sure you select a company that can meet with your needs including any printing services that you might need. A company that offers all banner services is best because it makes your work easier.

Post time: 09-22-2017