Upsell Your Customers With In-Store Video Displays

What is upselling? It occurs when a salesperson encourages a customer to purchase more expensive items, add-ons or upgrades. It can also involve introducing customers to an item they may not have previously considered.

How Upselling is Done

If you’ve ever purchased a car, a meal in a restaurant or electronics, you’ve probably experienced upselling. Here are a few examples of how it’s done:

  • After securing the sale of a vehicle, a car dealer discusses options for undercoating, stain guard for the car’s upholstery, or a higher quality sound system.
  • A server in a restaurant brings the dessert cart by the table to tempt customers with a sweet treat.
  • A salesperson in an electronics store encourages customers to buy a high-quality case or extended warranty for their newest gadget.

Why Upselling is Easy to Do

Upselling occurs after the hardest part of the sales process is complete. By the time a salesperson gets around to discussing small add-ons, the customer has already decided to purchase the big-ticket item. Convincing them to add a few dollars more to their sale is usually easy.

Upselling is an obvious tactic for boosting sales, yet many retailers fail to use it in their customer interactions. Why? Maybe they don’t have enough staff or maybe salespeople are not properly trained in upselling techniques. No matter the reason, neglecting upselling can be a costly mistake. Fortunately, in-store video displays can act as salespeople and do the upselling for you.

Making In-Store Video Displays Part of Your Sales Team

In-store video displays are known by many names – digital signs, electronic signs or digital displays. The process of using them is sometimes referred to as narrowcasting, that is, sending messages to a narrow, targeted audience within your store.

Digital displays are ideal for upselling. They present an interesting message targeted directly to your customers. They can stand in for salespeople by providing product information and by drawing attention to higher-margin items or sale items. They can also help staff learn about new products so they can become more effective at upselling.

Retailers of all sizes are turning to digital narrowcasting. Marketing studies have shown how effective electronic displays are:

  • Upwards of 75% of customers find retail video presentations that include sale or product information helpful.
  • Customers enjoy in-store video. Of those who have watched retail video presentations, more than 50% feel that video should be used in more stores.
  • Retail video works. In a 2005 survey, 29% of customers who watched video displays reported making an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured in a video.

Customers have also reported that they find digital displays that feature sales and specials most interesting, followed by product information and special events. Video displays at the point of purchase are an effective upselling tool. From large-scale general merchandisers to gas bar owners, many retailers have discovered the power of this easy-to-use marketing medium. Isn’t it time you learned more too? Contact for narrowcasting consulting services.

Post time: 03-31-2017