Urban Wear Retail Display Secrets

Retailers that stock urban wear clothing know the importance of the right display.

National retailers believe so much in the art of merchandise display that they employ full time staff members for that purpose.

If you have ever walked by a the display window of a department store you will have noticed the hard working staff arranging and rearranging the merchandise in the window.

Having the merchandise displayed correctly is even more important in the urban wear market.

Customers shopping for hip hop and urban clothing will desert a store which doesn’t present the right image.

While the following display secrets are meant for stores, they can also be used by flea market vendors.

Display Secrets #1

Create an image. The image which you create will dictate the customer reaction towards the clothing you are selling.

You can create the right image by adding accessories to the clothing.

Accessories such as jewelry, belts, and hats will further instill a genuine hip hop image.

Display Secrets #2

Use the right imagery. Pictures of rappers such as 50 Cent, Busta Rhmes, Jay-Z,Snoop Doggy Dogg, Kanye West, among others, will give a retail establishment the authentic feel of a true urban and hip hop store.

Display Secrets #3

Store colors. The colors used in the display racks, walls, tables, changing rooms, and even by the cash register, should match the atmosphere of the store.

Urban retailers should ensure that their stores are bright, and use colors that are complimentary to the clothing being sold.

Display Secrets #4

Professional appearances.

Urban wear customers are savvy shoppers. They are fully aware that the market is saturated with knock offs. For that reason a retailer needs to keep his store looking professional. Only a truly professional store will convince a customer that the merchandise being sold is in fact genuine.

Post time: 08-27-2017