Use Case Lot Discounts to Build Dollar Store Sales When Starting a Dollar Store

Every entrepreneur who is starting a dollar store knows there will come a time when they must quickly take their dollar store sales to the next level. Possibly these business owners feel they have done almost everything possible to take sales up. Yet for many one of the fastest and easiest tactics hasn’t even been considered; or maybe they thought it just wasn’t worth the time and effort. In this article I will provide details on a quick and easy way to build dollar store sale levels in your business. The tactic is to offer select customers discounts for making case-lot purchases of the merchandise you offer.

When starting a dollar store build your dollar store sales by offering discounts for case-lot purchases of merchandise. Imagine selling 12 or 24 or even more of an item rather than one at a time. With a little promotion and publicity this can happen for your store. It is important to maintain control over this practice, but with the right guidelines, communication and control it can be leveraged to add dollar store sales and profits to your business.

Be selective about the customers you make this offer to. Focus on those routinely needing larger quantities. For example churches may find the discounts enticing enough to bring their buying to fill the ‘giving closet’ or ‘family in need’ product needs that are not being donated. Other charitable organizations could be interested in exactly the same thing. Don’t forget about businesses. Many routinely need larger quantities of the items you sell. For example cleaning services demand high quantities of cleaners and other cleaning products. Offer a small discount and they will gladly purchase by the case.

It is important to control your dollar store costs to make this strategy work for you. That means buying the products you make available during sales and whenever special pricing is offered. Shop sales, negotiate for case lot discounts, attend trade shows, purchase from stores closing or reducing inventory. You must always be on the lookout for deals on case-lot products you offer. When starting a dollar store begin building a small inventory of the most popular case lot merchandise to support this program as buying opportunities arise.

Maintain specific hours of support to minimize labor costs. Provide case lot discounts during normal hours when you are present. The last thing you want is your only cashier rummaging through the back room trying to find a case of a merchandise item that doesn’t exist because you sold it earlier in the day. All the while the line awaiting service at the cash register gets longer and longer.

Develop clear yet simple, documented guidelines for this effort. For example, it is not acceptable to pull case-sized quantities off of the sales floor once they are on display. Or possibly there is a requirement for advanced ordering to receive the discount. And of course there simply isn’t room to have one of your employees giving every friend and relative case lot discounts on individual merchandise item purchases.

To your success when starting a dollar store!

Post time: 06-04-2017