Using Signs With Retail Display

Every store uses some type of retail display to properly sell items to their customers. But some stores do not realize the power of using signs with their retail displays. There are many benefits to using signs with retail displays. A sign is an excellent way to communicate a message to a customer. Done properly, it can help generate significantly more sales for your store. Signs Are a Friendly Way to Communicate With Customers There are so many different types of signs that could benefit your retail display. ‘

Signs can be used to communicate information that customers ask repeatedly, this saves time and money for your company. If your store sells different types of jewelry and the customers continually ask “is this a real gemstone, or simply costume jewelry?” you can create a sign that states “genuine gemstone jewelry.” The sign can even explain what type of gemstones the jewelry is, and perhaps which gemstones are used for what birthstones. This will mean a mother coming in to shop for her daughter’s birthday present, if she is born in March, will know to buy an item with the Aquamarine stone. Having this sign explains this information simply and quickly and empowers the customer. Keep in mind, this is not taking away from the salesperson’s job. Rather, having a sign with basic information describing an item can be very helpful in the sales process, and may spark interest which the sales associate can utilize to convert the sale.

Signs also serve another important function – safety. There are countless examples of the benefits of signage as used in retail displays. Some stores sell delicious aroma sprays for the home. A shopper may think of spraying this on themselves — but these often use harsh chemicals that should not go on the skin directly. Having a sign “For the home — not personal use” is ideal. It will keep many customers from buying the item thinking it is perfume of some kind, and it could prevent a possible law suit. A Sign Can Often Say What We Cannot Sometimes retail store owners also need to make gentle suggestions to customers using signs on their retail displays. Reminding customers to not touch a delicate item is an important sign to keep an expensive item in saleable condition.

One very popular vintage store has a sign up reminding people “Others have taken gentle care of these clothes — please be gentle with them in our store” to remind people not to tug at garments or to force themselves into something that simply will not fit them. A sign on your retail display is a discreet way of interacting with your customer instead of telling them this information. Some customers might get offended were you to tell them this information directly, or if you said it over and over again as customers entered the door. You would have a right to protect your merchandise — but your customer service skills would certainly be lacking.

A friendly and gently phrased sign is often the way to go. Signs can tell customers what items are on sale and details about any promotions you are currently running. It is very important to monitor where your signs are placed, as a misplaced sign can make a customer absolutely furious if they discover that an item they thought was on sale turns out to be full price. Very often it is not what you say: but how you say it. Using good manners when it comes to your signs is important. Even in a store where you have a relaxed and casual attitude, having signs that are a little more formal and polite is the safe way to go. We typically comprehend what someone says by their tone of voice. Humor can be used well, especially if it is witty or has a gentle touch to it. Do several drafts of your signs and run them past your employees to see which signs are the best. Your employees often know your customers quite well and will help you select the ideal sign to convey your messages.

Post time: 01-25-2017