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These Nintendo Storage Cabinets were sold some time back in the 1980′s, although unfortunately today it isn’t very easy to find information regarding where they could be bought or how much they cost. I have been lucky enough to find two of these cabinets, so this video will be all about showing what they are like, how they can be used, and talking a little bit about the information that I could find on the internet regarding them.

UPDATE: TheMaverik23 has found a picture of the original box that these cabinets came in! Check it out for yourself here:

One thing that is clear is that they were made with the Nintendo Entertainment System in mind. An NES will fit onto any of the shelves perfectly, and boxed games or loose cartridges look great when displayed in the racks at the bottom. In this video I show the small and large variations of these cabinets, although I think that there is still one more size variation out there that I don’t have.

I thought it was funny when I looked on the bottom of the cabinet and noticed that they were made in Canada. I would have to assume that it was still possible to buy these in the United States though, I would love to see a magazine page scan or something that shows more information about them! I’m also curious regarding how many were sold, as they definitely don’t seem like an easy item to come by. make sure that if you ever grab one that the Super Mario art on the front is in good shape and not peeling! I have definitely seen some cabinets out there with that problem, and some that didn’t have any picture left at all!

Please feel free to help me fill in some of the blanks by posting a comment below if you know anything about these things that I don’t mention in the video!

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Post time: 02-11-2017