Warehouse and Gym High Bay Lighting – HID to ActiveLED Relamp

http://www.activeled.com/products/high_bay_lights/ Gym and Warehouse High Bay LED Lighting – Why a 10 year “No Light Loss” guarantee makes sense Now! Replace your HID and HPS with ActiveLED High Bay Lights – Only ActiveLED has light output that high and energy use that low.

ActiveLED High Bay Lights for Commercial and Industrial applications come in form of round and linear high bay lighting fixtures. Round High Bay fixtures are used in open space scenarios like ballrooms and manufacturing environments. Linear high bay lights are used as shop lights, in maintenance bays, military tent lighting, in warehouses or cold storage facilities with high shelves. See video on energy efficient high bay warehouse lighting.

ActiveLED is among the most advanced LED High Bay Lighting in the industry with Underwriter Laboratories (cUL) verified performance, ActiveLED High Bay Light Fixtures run the coolest with less than 85° C at an ambient temperature of 60° C. The fixture electronics has two temperature sensors guaranteeing that the fixture cannot overheat; this makes ActiveLED High Bay Fixtures fire safe. Our lights have actually been tested in Siberia and are known to perform at -55°C.

ActiveLED High Bay Lighting fixtures find a perfect application in Hazardous Environments where UL844 classified fixtures are required. ActiveLED High Bay fixtures perform and exceed:

Class 1 – Division 2 – A,B,C,D,E,F,G
Class 2 – Division 1 – A,B,C,D,E,F,G

High Bay Lights can be ordered with NEMA-3x or a NEMA-4 Junction box depending on your explosion proof requirements. Other option include 0..10V dimming, EDSaP digital dimming, motion activation, daylight harvesting and a 48V DC Battery Backup Pack or permanent feed from 48V DC system.

Post time: 09-12-2017