Ways of Using Table Tents to Market Restaurants and Retail Stores

In a busy business environment such as a restaurant, bringing the right information to the attention of your customers is usually the key to boosting the profits that your restaurant gets from each order.

Whether you are upselling deserts, beverages and other special dishes, or promoting your menu’s most popular dishes, table tents that hold displays on top of tables offer several marketing advantages for your restaurant.

Table tents can also be useful in retail sales, especially when placed on top of store counters and tables where customers communicate with the sales personnel of your store.

Continue to read this article to know five ways of using table tents to promote your retail store or the marketing materials of your restaurant, as well as draw more attention from your customers to special offers, menu items and other extras.

Promote the most popular items on your menu

All restaurants offer a few main dishes that are popular with customers. Table tents are directly in front of diners and so, when customers think of what to order, they can serve as effective tools for promoting the most popular food items on your menu.

Prepare a list of 3 to 4 favorite dishes, then place it right in front of the customers using a table tent. To help them decide on what to order, draw their attention to your most popular food items on the menu.

List the special dish of the day and week

One of the best advantages given by table tents is the fact that they make it extremely easy to place and remove the marketing materials. This makes them perfect to list the daily and weekly specials of your restaurant.

At the start of every week, update your table tents with a special offer, or include something new every morning. One great way to bring in more customers is to offer a daily special. A table tent placed on every table makes it easier to get the attention of your customers.

Include desserts and drinks in your upselling strategies

Offering different desserts and beverages is a way to draw in more customers. Upsells usually generate a large percentage of most restaurants’ profits. So, it is important to let your customers know about your appetizers, desserts and beverages.

Make a short menu featuring your best-selling appetizers, desserts, beverages and extras for every table. This way, customers become more aware of your dishes and increase the usual amount they spend in your restaurant.

Offer different financing options on your sales counter

Table tents are not only useful in bars and restaurants, but also for retailers. When you are selling pricey items like furniture, equipment or goods that are often purchased by means of financing, they can be very helpful.

With table tents, you can close more deals by making a financing brochure, which you can display on the sales counters. Thus, when a potential customer talks to your sales personnel, they will know about the available financing options.

Display special offers and big discounts

At times, the most effective way for your restaurant to draw in more customers and increase their spending is by offering special deals. Discounted food items on the menu, “buy 1 get 1 free” offers and exclusive deals always attract the people’s attention.

Post time: 03-29-2017