What Are the Best Display Shelves For Memorabilia Displays

It is one of the saddest things in the world for people who become collectors of expensive memorabilia not to be able to show off their wares. Showing off memorabilia is one of the two major reasons to buy this paraphernalia in the first place. There are a few different styles of shelves that can really make someone’s collectibles stand out. The best display shelves add pizzazz to the collectible, forcing people who walk by them to want to look at them.

The first kind of shelving piece that is very popular is the curio. A curio is a type of display case with a few levels of shelves on the inside and kind of looks like a grandfather clock. However, instead of there being a clock and pendulums, there are glass windows on three sides and a mirror in the rear. This allows people to have a 360 degree view of collectibles stored inside.

Staggered shelves that are actually attached as one large free standing piece can also attract a lot of attention if placed in the right area. Staggered shelf frames are usually made of wood or metal, but the shelves themselves can be made out of glass as well. Some of these kinds of display shelves work in a pyramid fashion where the lesser collectibles are on the bottom while the most prized sit on top.

For people that just want to have their memorabilia on the wall, basic wall shelves can also work. However, collectors want to draw attention to their memorabilia around their homes and keep them safe. For these reasons, wall shelves should both be located higher on the walls so children and pets can reach them and should be made of aesthetically pleasing materials so they don’t look shoddy.

Finally, one of the last kinds of shelves meant for display are probably the most fun and decorative. For sports fans especially, some teams have specialized memorabilia cases already made. The glass case itself will serve as a barrier between touchy fingers, dust and the outside is fashioned after the collectibles themselves. For instance, Dallas Cowboys fans can keep their signed items in a Cowboy fashioned display case, which will pay homage to their team.

Display shelves can be located in glass display cases, high up on walls, in curios, or can be staggered free standing pieces of furniture. Each kind is specifically made to house collectibles and keep them safe from dangers around the house. Because some collectibles are more valuable than others, there are some cases that even have locking mechanisms on them. Choose the style that best fits a room and the collectible paraphernalia that will be placed on top of them.

Post time: 05-30-2017