What Is a Jewelry Finding?

The term jewelry finding encompasses a huge assortment of products that are used to finish or put together jewelry creations. Findings come in a wide range of different styles, from very elegant and extravagant to the more simple and plain. Without knowing how to properly source quality findings and use them to put together your jewelry pieces, any attempts at creating quality jewelry will be less than successful.

As mentioned, the term jewelry finding covers just about anything that is used during the making of a piece of jewelry (short of beads and other decorative elements that are not doing a job other than being decorative). Bead tips, crimps, crimp covers, separator bars, earring hooks, head pins, etc. – there are so many different elements of jewelry that fall into the category of findings that it is pretty impossible to explain every single one.

When you are starting out making a piece of jewelry and are having hard time either tying off a strand of beads or can not figure out how to make your pieces have a more polished of finished look then you probably have not looked into buying and using quality findings. Findings exist so abundantly because jewelers have been using them for years to make their homemade products appear more finished and professional; they also use them to simply make their lives easier. These little pieces are mass-produced and a serious home jeweler can order them from source sites on the Internet in bulk quantity for relatively cheap.

Selecting the right findings can be a tough process for someone just starting out in jewelry making. Since you are probably going to be buying a lot of them at one time, you are going to want to try to find findings that would be able to subtly match or work into your designs. Finding a good deal on a lot of intricately decorated findings can be exciting; however, just keep in mind that since they are so uniquely decorated you might have a harder time actually using them in your work.

To find a quality source that you can trust to buy findings from I would suggest checking out jewelry making forums and asking other home jewelers whom they get their findings. Since these pieces are so important to the structure of the jewelry you will be putting together, you have to make sure that they will be able to hold up to your customers’ regular wear and tear on their pieces. There are plenty of tutorials available to suggest what types of findings work best in what situations. I would recommend trying out a few different findings techniques until you find one that works best for you and your designs.

Post time: 09-13-2017