What to Look for in the Perfect Jewelry Store

When people are buying jewelry, whether it is for themselves or for a gift for someone else, they tend to find a store and then stick to it for everything. This because they know that they can get something that is of a high quality from there.

They know that they don’t have to go traipsing around town looking for a shop that they will like. They can just go to the store that they always use and it is convenient for them. People who have found their perfect jewelry store are better off than people who have not.

The price of the items is one of the reasons that they will have stuck with the store. They know that they will not be ripped off and they know that the items all have prices that are relevant to the style and quality of the item.

If you are someone who is yet to have found the perfect store to buy your jewelry from, then you should read on for some pointers on what to look for in the store.


The items in the store should be unique. If they have branded items then they will not control the price and they won’t be able to have competitive prices over another store. If they have unique items then their pieces will make you stand out from every other person in the world.

Adding to the element of uniqueness, the items that the store stock should be made in other countries. If they are made in places like India or South America, then they will have a certain style and the store will have a certain niche that is different from any other store.

Handmade pieces

Stocking handmade pieces is not a strict requirement but it is a positive element. Having pieces that have been handmade means that someone has took the time and care to make the item and they won’t have cut any corners. This adds to the uniqueness of the pieces and even if someone buys a ring or a felt bag that is the same design, the item will not look the same as yours.


As mentioned above, the store should have competitive prices. You know what you want to pay for items like rings or handmade crafts, so if you think the items are overpriced for you, then you should move onto the next store.

Online vs Physical Store

It is really up to you whether you choose an online store or a physical high street store. With the online store, you won’t have to worry about the cost of the commute, but you might have to pay shipping costs.

Online stores are generally cheaper than stores on the high street because they want to attract more customers and they have lower outgoings. They don’t have to pay for rent on a store or for display cabinets, so they are able to have lower costs and still make a profit on their items.


It is not a requirement that you pick a store that gives back, but it is something that is nice to have, especially if they are giving back to the country that provides their items. For example, there are stores which stock hand made pieces from Indian artisans. The artisans have employment in their developing country and the store gives back to a school in the area to make sure that they all have the chance of a free education. This shows that the store cares about how their artists live their lives.

Post time: 03-01-2017