What’s Your Plankwall Color?

Do not underestimate the power of colors when choosing paint; along the same lines, never underestimate the power of the color when choosing the right plankwall display system. One important factor to take the color into consideration is the combination and effect it will have to the décor of your shop. The look and feel of the whole system should enhance the overall look and feel of your outlet and not stand out like a sore thumb. Furthermore, the right colors can affect the mood of your potential customers, especially those who walk in for the first time. Remember, the first impression is always the most important one.

Manufacturers of plankwall display units have released many different types of colors to suit the needs and preferences of their customers, hence, there is absolutely nothing lacking as far as color choice is concerned.

When asked which color plankwall display unit should they pick, customers are usually a little worried about being different. For these customers, white would work very well because white is as safe as you can get. The same way black can blend with all other colors, white can do the same. The only difference between a white plankwall unit and a black plankwall unit is this – while black color tend to make a shop or a room look classier but smaller, white can create ‘imagined space’ in the minds of walk-in customers. The downside is that white plankwall shelves are a little harder to maintain because dust and grime tend to show up easily on white plankwall shelving units and dirty shelves is a big turn-off!

Oak color or brown colored plankwall is classic yet gives the entire shop a very homely and comfortable feeling but it’s restrictive in the sense that it doesn’t go well with other colors. For example, if you’ve chosen purple and pink as the primary décor colors for your shop, you could have problems trying to blend an oak-colored plankwall in. the same goes for maple color….it’s a little harder to blend but if there are no problems, they’re beautiful and the effect is often very naturally calming and soothing.

Those with a slightly more hi-tech or modern décor can should try silver-colored plankwall to help give the walls a very edgy and hip look and feel. Gray is, thankfully, also a rather neutral color because although it takes some extra work, grey-colored plankwall can blend in with other colors in your shop’s décor. On top of that, dirt and grime don’t show up on the plankwall as it does on white, so, let’s just say that it’s the in-between of black and white.

So, remember, you’re choosing a plankwall shelving system that can last you for a long time, hence, you also need something that is timeless and yet suits the theme of your shop. If you’re unsure, communicate with the retail assistant to get some handy tips to choosing the right plankwall system.

Post time: 07-11-2017