Where Can Corian Be Used Commercially?

Du Pont Corian is an advanced blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. It is man-made material, perfectly constructed to make it suitable for all environments inside and out. In Corian designers and architects have a material that can transform all environments.


Corian being easy to work with and its ability to be formed into almost limitless shapes and designs make it the material of choice for many designers. Due to its solid nature and durable qualities Corian can charismatically be used as shelving, store fronts, signage, display cases, cladding, counters and checkouts. It has the ability to transform any retail environment and being translucent can also be backlit to create moods and tones that shop owners’ desire.


When it comes to food and hygiene there is no compromising. It must be perfect. This is why Corian is one of the most popular materials of choice when it comes to worktops and worksurfaces within the catering industry. Not only is Corian non-porous and very easy to clean but it also can be seamlessly joined therefore there are no crevices for bacteria and mould to develop within. Within a busy industrial environment impacts and spills are day to day occurrences but with Corian these incidents aren’t even worth mentioning as Corian worktops can withstand this type of wear and tear. Even when damaged Corian worktops can easily be restored to their former glory keeping that inviting and like new look for many years. Corian makes eating and dining and even greater joy.


Today travelling around the country and even the world has become the norm for many people. When we travel we nowadays expect the same luxuries as we get at home and quite often even more. With Corian being used as a material within the hotel environment you can create that feel of luxury and elegance with efficient ease perfectly matching the feel and surroundings that you have already achieved. With its warmth to touch and its large range of colours Corian can be used to create bathroom vanity units, tabletops, reception counters and even Corian worktops for the kitchens and dining areas.


In the multi billion pound area that is the healthcare sector our health is the most precious asset that deserves only the best. Corian is now seen by many as the best friend of the healthcare environment working seamlessly in operating theatres, wards, receptions and patients’ personal areas. The most important factor within this industry is cleanliness and there are non better than Corian at creating a clean hygienic environment that is easy to clean and maintain. Bacteria, mould and mildew find it almost impossible to find anywhere to develop on Corian surfaces due to its seamless joints. As Corian can be formed into pretty much any shape it is accommodating for the disabled and its large range of colours and warmth on touch can create the perfect atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, putting patients and staff at ease.

Offices & Business

Our worksurfaces at work are probably something that we take for granted. Being used for our telephones, papers, computers and even being used to write on it is important that they are ergonomically friendly. Corian creates friendly, solid, beautiful and durable worksurfaces suitable for anything from board room tables to coffee making areas. It can create that business like feeling whilst being able to stand up to the everyday impacts and strains that are placed upon it. Corian worktops require minimal maintenance whilst being easy to clean and impenetrable to ink and other stains that it may be subjected to.

Public Spaces

The durability and versatility of Corian means that it can withstand any environment that you place it in. Airport lounges and check in desks, museums to shopping centres Corian has all the qualities necessary to turn a lifeless environment into metropolis of comfort and elegance. It can withstand constant stresses and strains placed upon it and its flexibility allows designers to create custom pieces that all businesses need to brand there environments. From signage to tabletops, wall cladding to display stands Corian can achieve any style and any atmosphere that you desire.

Post time: 06-12-2017