Which Hot Food Display Unit Will Suit Your Establishment Best?

It may not always be obvious, but the way all-you-can-eat restaurants display their food is crucial to their success. In fact, all food serving establishments that allow their customers to serve themselves should pay close attention to their hot food display units.

There is a wide range of hot food displays on the market, and it is important that restaurant and food retail managers select the unit that suits their needs best. While a two-tier combination steam table and hot packaged food bar may be sufficient for a little deli, the Italian restaurant located right next door may require an entire island to properly display all their salads, soups and hot foods. Their display case has to be much bigger, because they are offering more food choices than their neighbor.

Hot food cases have subcategories. Some units have shelves and are designed to store hot packaged foods, such as rotisserie chickens and spare ribs, while others have food pans for soups, chili, French fries, Buffalo chicken wings, etc. These items cannot be pre-packaged as the retailer does not know in advance what quantities his customers want to buy. Both display types have their advantages, therefore, some food serving establishments purchase both.

Hot food can be displayed in cases protected by a glass front window so only the vendor behind the counter has access to the food, while open islands are accessible to cooks, servers and customers. These cases often have signage so the starving patrons know exactly what food they are choosing. To make these display units more eye-catching, they will often be equipped with attractive overhead lighting. They stand out, and will make the restaurant even more popular. As we all know, word of mouth really does work!

Post time: 04-27-2017