Who Needs Commercial Glass Top Island Freezers?

Establishments that sell food items have to appeal to the taste buds as well as the eye of their customers. People buy with their eyes and their stomachs so they need to be able to see the food before they make a buying decision. Therefore food retailers need to display their food items in a cool and healthy environment to keep it fresh. Ice cream, ready to bake pastries, meat, and frozen vegetables are best displayed in a commercial glass top island freezer.

Commercial glass top island freezers are designed for two main purposes: to keep the food items frozen and to display the food items in a neat manner.

The Island Freezer 820L is a commercial freezer that has a capacity of 820 liters. It is 800 millimeters high, 2050 millimeters wide and 940 millimeters deep. It has a glass top that slides open to allow you to store ice cream or frozen food packs. The glass slider also allows customers to easily access the item that they wish to purchase. Ensure that you remind customers to keep the freezer glass slider closed in order to keep the cold inside the unit. This is a medium sized unit that is suitable for small or medium sized food retailers that want to display a range of frozen vegetables or frozen burger patties, amongst others.

The Island Freezer 493L has a smaller capacity of 493 liter, is 800 millimeters high, 2050 wide and 940 millimeters deep. It has a pedestal that lifts it and has a glass slider for easy access. This unit is ideal for ice cream parlors that have smaller premises but want to display their ice cream flavors to their customers.

The Island Freezer 1070L is a large commercial freezer that has a capacity of 1070 liters. This unit is wider than the aforementioned units with dimensions of 800 millimeters high, 2350 millimeters wide and 940 millimeters high. This unit also has a glass top slider in order to view all the food items inside. This large catering equipment is suitable for large food retailers that want to display frozen packs of chicken, frozen vegetables or frozen pastries.

Glass top island freezers are commercial freezers that are suited to food retailers, butcheries, ice cream parlors, and frozen yogurt stores. The size of the unit required will be subject to the space available in the store as well as the demand that the store has for certain food items.

Post time: 09-28-2017