Wholesale Cut Flowers – Expanding Your Customer Base

Wholesale cut flowers are a hot new trend being used in a variety of different ways in contemporary décor and they are becoming increasingly popular among small business owners as a way to create atmosphere in stuffy corporate offices. Reaching the small business decorating market is a great way to enhance your customer base. At the same time, fresh, beautiful, long-lasting, blooms are easier to purchase than ever before.

A fresh, colorful display of wholesale cut flowers makes a striking statement at special corporate events, in business lobbies, hotel lobbies, or church fundraisers. Reach out to your local business community by offering to supply them regularly with a long-lasting elegant bouquet that changes with the seasons and leaves a lasting impression on visitors to their company.

Small business owners know they have to be more competitive than ever to impress their customers. Offer to provide wholesale cut flower presentations to small businesses when important visitors come to town or when sealing a deal for a large volume customer.

Here are a few ways that small business can use wholesale cut flowers:

  • To welcome an out of town guest
  • To close an important deal
  • To make lobbies and waiting rooms appealing to customers
  • To provide atmosphere at important company functions
  • To thank a staff member for superior performance

Once you establish a relationship with a small business chances are they will find more and more reasons to incorporate freshly cut wholesale flowers into their marketing strategies, at formal corporate events such as holiday parties and annual conferences.

What’s more, competitors will be motivated to make a similar impression. Ask businesses who buy your flowers if you can leave a business card advertising your store in the lobby of their building or in their cafeteria.

Wholesale cut flowers are more affordable than ever using online wholesale supply companies offering big discounts and they come in a variety of color combinations that make it easy to complement any color scheme.

Use bold, white calla lilies to provide an air of sophistication to almost any color palette, or a fresh, lively display of gerbera daisies to add a light, friendly feel to a modern office with a black and white or all white color palette. Vibrant orange lilies are an instant mood lifter and blend well with corporate browns, beiges and soft greens.

Bulk wholesale flowers are shipped direct from growers in Ecuador and Colombia where big, beautiful blooms are the result of decades of experience by flower growers using advanced scientific research in addition to the naturally favorable climate of South America.

Wholesale flowers such as calla lilies, carnations, orchids and roses are carefully packed and shipped to reach retailers within a few days of being gathered, meaning that retailers can expect flowers to last for a week or more once they reach stores.

There are many more ways to use wholesale cut flowers as part of your overall sales strategy. Once you get these bright, beautiful blooms into your store, you will discover more and more markets for them.

Post time: 06-06-2017