wholesale janitorial supplies (janitorial web)

Janitorialweb is store online of wholesale and retail, we have all type of articles of cleaning you can visit in http://www.janitorialweb.com in this video I represent some products as:

Warehouse Broom:
For heavy-duty sweeping. Heavy metal band with four rows of stitching for strength and durability. 42″ long, 1-1/8″ dia. lacquered wood handle. Constructed of corn and blended fiber. Hair-like follicles on each fiber trap and hold dust particles for fast cleanup.
Url: http://janitorialweb.com/index.php?plugin=Products&id=39&title=2-28lb-warehouse-broom

Long Handle Trash Brush
All purpose utility brush. Great for cleaning trash cans.
Url: http://janitorialweb.com/index.php?plugin=Products&id=2&title=long-handle-trash-brush

1Dz Palmyra Street Push Broom
Designed for superb results for removing the heaviest debris from a work area. Our best choice to keep street litter in check.
Url: http://janitorialweb.com/index.php?plugin=Products&id=397&title=1dz-palmyra-street-push-broom

Post time: 10-01-2017