Wholesale Jewelry Boxes to Compliment Your Retail Jewelry Sales

Jewelry has always been a very popular option for a gift on special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’ Day, and birthdays. Customers will spend a lot of time looking at available pieces before they select what they feel will be just the right item. Now it is up to the retailer to make sure that piece of jewelry brings excitement even before the box is opened. Beautiful jewelry should be displayed in beautiful jewelry boxes.

Retailers purchase wholesale jewelry boxes so that they are sure to have the perfect size for each piece they sell. And boxes that are well made and attractive end up being kept. More often then not, that special piece of jewelry will be stored in that beautiful box.

Retailers need to think carefully before purchasing their wholesale jewelry boxes. They need to decide if they want the store name or logo on the boxes. A decision has to be made about the color of the box and the color of the lining. Sure, the boxes can be ordered in white with simple cotton inserts. But it can also be ordered in many different colors with many different lining options.

Another type of wholesale boxes are the ones used for display, in the jewelry case. While usually they are ordered just once, thinking about the image they set will help the retailer in all their box purchases. Perhaps there is a specific color they want to use as a background for their jewelry. What looks great in the case will also probably look good in a small gift box.

Whatever the store owner decides, they will need to carefully investigate their options. If the order is large enough there could be special deals: free boxes, free name printing. The retailer needs to order just the right sizes for their inventory and the right number for their expected sales.

Post time: 02-03-2017