Wholesale Pet Store Supplies Guide

In this sense you probably have a lot contacts to go to when it’s time to restock your store. It is widely known within the pet shop industry that the most common problem encountered is the trouble all pet shop owners go through every time they have to purchase their supplies. Sure, they can go to a distributing company that carries all the products they want but then the prices skyrocket.

The founders of PetWholesaler wanted to create a wholesale pet store supply industry portal online. It was their vision to give the vendors one place to go to buy pet supplies, get information on new products, trends, and events and purchase products. They wanted the manufacturing companies to be within a retailer’s reach; which is why they established a solid relationship with the manufacturers

In establishing a good relationship with the manufacturers, PetWholesaler is able to give retailers one place to go to for their wholesale pet store supplies. The benefits are not one sided, because then the manufacturers will be able to get their products noticed since product traffic will be maximized. In the case of the internet, the more traffic, the better! Usually, this traffic also buys rather than rubbernecks.

The company actually started by distributing catalogs, mailing lists and telemarketing their pet store supplies to pet shop owners. They currently has their own products and carry other products as well which make them a one stop shop for pet store supplies. Also, this wholesale pet store supply company actually asks their customers for recommendations and which products they would like to find in the website.

Due to the fact that PetWholesaler is a wholesale pet store, they are able to maintain a very good relationship with pet supply manufacturers. They also can offer you great discounts with a variety of prices to choose from. Another advantage is that the company has a team looking for new and innovative products, which keeps them up to date with the current pet business trends. If that does not impress you, then how about this? Since they are on line, then you can buy your pet store supplies 24/7 and in the comfort of your own home or office.

Post time: 03-07-2017