Why Choose Econofrost Night Covers for Refrigerated Display Cases in Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

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Why choose the Econofrost brand of night cover? Econofrost night covers are a low-cost and easy solution for open refrigerated display cases. Like glass doors, they will hold case temperature better, reduce electricity consumption, and keep product fresher longer.

The advantage of using a night cover is that it rolls out of view and will not interfere with merchandising or shopping or cost as much as the alternative, glass doors. The purpose, however, of night covers is to solve problems not create them.

That’s why it’s so important to select a night cover that is durable and engineered specifically for the retail store environment. It should offer a long serviceable life with little to no maintenance and service cost.

When evaluating night covers, it’s best to calculate the true cost of ownership as service and maintenance expenses can drive up the cost of the investment very quickly.

With 30 years of manufacturing and installation experience, the Econofrost brand of night covers is the most used by retailers and OEMs. Econofrost night covers have the longest serviceable life and the lowest cost of ownership of any night cover.

Econofrost night covers are constructed for the retail food service industry, are safe and approved for use in and around the food zone, and integrate well with store decor and merchandising.

Econofrost’s patented braking system ensures smooth, controlled retraction every time. The perforated, woven aluminum, heat reflective fabric provides a superior thermal barrier, energy savings, and temperature control for improved product quality, freshness, and appearance. In addition, Econofrost is the only night cover to offer 8-foot units, which allow retailers to cover more space with a reduced number of units, saving more money and time.

Supermarkets use a lot of energy in their operations, consuming 2 to 3 million kilowatt-hours annually per store. Several studies indicate that a store’s refrigeration system accounts for 1 to 1.5 million kilowatt-hours of that electricity. At 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, that represents an annual expenditure of up to 150 thousand dollars.

If Econofrost night covers are used 6 hours a night, they can save 12% of the electricity consumed by the refrigeration systems covered. That’s as much as 18 thousand dollars a year in electricity savings.

Night covers are a great tool to lower energy consumption, but they offer retailers additional benefits that result in even greater savings. Installing night covers on open refrigerated cases can significantly reduce daily shrink and discard levels, improving the overall product appearance and integrity in many departments.

Econofrost night covers are ideal for produce cases, meat cases, meat prep rooms and service areas, dairy lineups, deli merchandisers, beverage coolers, and floral displays. Wherever there is an open refrigerated case, there’s an opportunity for saving money, product, and time.

One retailer using Econofrost night covers reported they save between 50 and 65 dollars a day in produce trim and discard in their produce wet rack. That’s almost 24 thousand dollars a year savings in the produce department alone, and that doesn’t even include any labor savings.

Econofrost is available in a variety of models and sizes that are simple to install and integrate nicely with any store decor. Designed to mount under the canopy, cornice, or fascia or retrofit to the external canopy of a display case, Econofrost easily installs on most upright, multi-deck, single deck, tub, and coffin style cases.

Our company has been manufacturing retrofit and custom night cover products for over 30 years. If you’re considering purchasing night covers, we’d like for you to choose us for the simple reason the Econofrost brand outperforms and outlasts any other night cover on the market.

Econofrost and its partners have installed the largest-ever night cover retrofit rollout: 535 Ralphs Food 4 Less stores. And the fastest ever chainwide rollout: Stater Brothers; 165 stores in less than 60 days.

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Post time: 09-28-2017