Why Send Corporate Gift Baskets?

As well as being a business, your company is a social organization. There will be times when you will want to send a corporate gift. Corporate gift giving done right will reaffirm a business relationship, maintain a good rapport with staff members and business associates, enhance customer loyalty and stimulate referrals.

The most important reasons for corporate gifting are to say thanks, send your best wishes, get well greetings, offer condolences or send an apology. Convey your congratulatory wishes for a promotion, a new baby, thank a new or repeat customer, celebrate a sale, or show appreciation for a job well done.

Gift baskets are an excellent choice as they can be designed to suit your specific occasion. Gift baskets offer a unique and impressive presentation. They can be filled with a variety of upscale gourmet or snack items. They may be shared by a group or tailored to an individual. If you know the recipient is interested in golf, you might choose to send a golf gift basket, add a book of golf rules, golf balls or gourmet foods tailored to the golf lover.

A business gift should always be in good taste. The most important rules of corporate gift giving are; your gift may incorporate a company logo, but keep it small or it will appear as blatant advertising. Give thought to your selection. Wine is a popular choice, but could clash with religious and cultural rules or offend a recovering alcoholic. Stay within your budget. Your gift will miss its mark if it’s ostentatious. Follow these gift-giving guidelines and your gift selections will always be well received and very much appreciated.

A corporate gift basket from Cranberry Corners Gift Baskets conveys a statement of quality, good taste and superior design. Our unique gift baskets and sophisticated designs will showcase your good taste. At Cranberry Corners, we have designed each and every one of our corporate gift baskets to perfectly suit your business occasion whether it is for Christmas Gift Baskets for your customers or new baby gift baskets for your staff members. We specialize in designing custom gift baskets. We will design a fabulous gift basket especially for you which will represent your company with style and pizazz!

Post time: 07-16-2017