Why You Should Consider A Glass Curtain Wall

A curtain wall system can be defined as a building’s outer covering that has outer walls that are non-structural to keep weather out but the occupants in. The right selection of construction materials can reduce construction costs because lightweight materials can be used. Glass is one of the best materials that you can choose for your wall curtain. The systems are comprised of other in-fills such as metal panels and fittings, operable windows, louvers and stone veneers. Some glass curtain walls are made of glass alone held together by stylish stainless steel fittings. Compared with some other materials, glass comes with a number of advantages.

Lighting – This is one of the reasons you should consider having a glass curtain wall. It allows natural light so the working suites are more friendly and cheerful. Glass allows lots of natural light which is amazing in showing true colors and light that is easy to the eyes compared to artificial lighting using light bulbs.

Panoramic view – Glass curtain wall offers amazing outdoor views that can be all you need to take needed breaks from your work. A magnificent view helps relax the mind and can also help in relaxing the body hence you tend to feel happier and more energized to continue handling the tasks before you.

Energy efficiency – The glass blocks are usually fitted with aluminum frames which in turn offer an air tight fit. This seals the building ensuring that warm air does not get lost especially during colder winter months and cool air is also kept inside during the hotter months hence energy efficiency. Energy efficient glass curtains also reflects UV radiation and lowers operation costs of the building.

Waterproofing – A sealant is usually used during installation of the glass panels and this creates moisture proof barrier ensuring that water does not sip into the building. A water tight building is lower in maintenance costs and this is what a glass wall can offer for your building. The curtain walls also use other materials that are corrosion resistant lowering the costs significantly.

Lightweight – Glass curtain walls can greatly reduce the weight of high rise buildings because glass is a lightweight material compared to a brick or concrete wall. The lightweight nature of the curtain wall improves security and reliability of the structure.

When going for a glass wall curtain, you should make sure that you also get high quality fittings for the same. There are so many options to choose from and considering the pros and cons of the accessories that are at your disposal will make it possible for you to choose the best for the wall curtain. You would also need to select the wall curtain installation that suits your building best. You can choose from a stick system, rain screen principle, unitized and ladder systems depending on the installation results that you are looking for. All important aspects should be taken into consideration for best results with your glass curtain wall for your building.

Post time: 04-24-2017