Willow House Opportunity Review

Southern Living At Home has recently merged with Entertaining At Home to become the new look of Willow House. This new company retains all the sumptuous quality home décor products that are reminiscent of SLAH but have combined it with a multi level marketing/direct selling opportunity.

So how does it work?

Many people are already familiar with the Southern Living At Home products and because of this will “get” what Willow House is all about. To become a business owner (called design consultants) you will have to pay a one time fee of $199 and for this you get a replicated, customizable website plus 18 sample home décor products that you can showcase. The samples include such things as an ornate iron stand, tapas set, stoneware dinner plates and a card and photo display case to name but a few. In fact the value is over $550.

The idea is to hold in house design parties and talk to people about seasonal décor designs and show them the products. You can also sell the company’s goods on your website. You can earn up to 25% commissions on all sales plus extra bonuses when you recruit a team. Other perks such as paid gas bills come into play when you achieve over $1500 in sales. This is good because it will help to pay for mileage costs when going to product demonstrations.

Willow House teach’s this way of selling as a great way to generate sales. This is also more commonly known as party plan. The rationale is that when you put objects directly in front of an audience the chances are that they will feel more compelled to buy. In many cases this is true and has been the main method of selling for many companies such as Tupperware and Avon for decades.

The main issue with the Party Plan method isn’t the actual selling of the products because people generally do buy in circumstances such as these. Instead the problem is getting a constant stream of people in front of the products in the first place. What can happen in instances such as these are that consultants tend to go through their warm market such as family and friends pretty quickly and they soon run out of potential customers. This could be a potential problem, so it is advisable to try to leverage the power of the internet, to appeal to a wider market.

So can you make money with Willow House?

With regard to making life changing sums of money then probably not. However, it is possible that you can build a solid business that brings in good “second income” money with a little work. This kind of business is all about selling so you will need to be comfortable with doing so, but in order to expand and grow your business then you need to look at online marketing techniques.

Post time: 04-17-2017