Wood Displays Can Add A Great Ambiance To Your Store

Wood displays add a great ambiance to your store. Unlike metal or glass displays, wood displays are lighter and tend to last longer compared to their glass counterparts. When looking for retail store displays made of wood, you need to find space-efficient portable types that will help your products stand out.

Displays made of combined hardwood plywood and pine give your entire store interior a warmth and a natural look that few other stores will be able to offer with their displays made of glass, metal, fiberglass or even plastic. Many wood displays do not need assembly and you can also ask your manufacturer to have their representative assemble the pieces in your store upon delivery if needed.

Wood display options include out-of-the-ordinary basket racks, wine racks, crates, wood display baskets, barrel racks, barrel planter or tub displays, slat walls, display cabinets and merchandisers. Stores that have a country theme will be able to emphasize their products better using wood displays.

One benefit that wood displays give you which no other type of display gives you is that you tend to hit two birds with one stone when it comes to displaying items using wood. This is because the wood itself creates a theme.

This way, you don’t need to find a separate theme for your store since the wood displays you use are the theme. You can save a lot on capital costs by using this method. It cannot be denied that almost every customer will feel the warm welcome that wooden retail store fixtures tend to emanate.

Besides you wooden displays, you might also want to hire a custom millwork service to emphasize your wooden theme through creating other details made of wood. There are other good reasons to hire custom millwork as well.

  1. You can have all the display stands in your store custom-made using the services of a custom millwork. You can choose the wood in which you want your displays to be made in. Some wood such as pine wood gives off a great woodsy smell that will be sure to keep your customers coming back.
  2. Custom millwork is also a great option for stores that have unusual products that need specific types of displays. You may have looked through many websites and have found no display stands that you are happy with or can display your items properly.
  3. Handmade display stands with handmade furniture will be sure to make your store stand out. Customers will appreciate the efforts you have made in creating a great store interior and will want to come back time and time again.

Post time: 07-24-2017