Wood Podiums, Pedestals, and Tables Enhance Hotel Decor

Hotel managers recognize the importance of appearances. To attract guests and encourage return visits, the hotel must be attractive from all perspectives. Guests consider the hotel exterior, common interior areas, and sleeping rooms when deciding where to stay. They even focus on smaller details like the appearance of staff, quality of supplies, and fixtures. Incorporating wood fixtures enhances the decor of the hotel without spending a lot of money.

Many hotels feature meeting rooms and some even have large conference facilities. Whoever is running the meeting may wish to stand behind a podium rather than address the crowd from a seated position. A clear acrylic podium featuring wood accenting offers a resting place for speaking notes and support for idle hands. This structure can also be used to hold awards presented during a ceremony.

Wood pedestals come in many colors and styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Barrel-type pedestals available in different heights are useful for creating displays in unused corners of an onsite restaurant or in the lobby. Available colors include black, cherry, hunter green, and weatherwood. Tower pedestals have a modern appearance and are an attractive way to display flowers or an assortment of bread containers within a breakfast buffet. A solid color finish or a crackle finish featuring color-on-color are available.

Block-style wooden pedestals are used for receptions, showers, and other functions that include sculptures or large flower arrangements. Made from real wood veneer, these come in an assortment of finishes including walnut, cherry, and maple. They fold for easy transport between areas of the hotel and each supports at least 200 pounds. Heights range from 15 to 42 inches, allowing decorators to create a variable height display in just minutes.

If the hotel features a gift shop, retail displays will be needed. Multi-tiered wooden display tables hold a large number of products and come in cherry, maple, and other popular finishes. A wedding cake style wooden table display features shelves with different diameters, culminating with a top worthy of highlighting a prize gift item. Large tables containing crates are suitable for displaying small trinkets like locally-inspired jewelry and small toys.

Hotel managers can improve the look of their establishments by incorporating wood podiums, pedestals, and tables. Each serves different purposes within the hotel but all are attractive and durable. Wood has an appearance unmatched by other materials and guests recognize this. They will appreciate the extra touches and this may encourage a return visit.

Post time: 10-14-2017